The trials and tribulations of an elite level age-group triathlete.

I Got Race Wheels

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After you get your tri bike, the next thing you start thinking about is race wheels because all of the cool kids have them.

If you thought purchasing a bike was tough, race wheels are even tougher. Why? Because the majority of the people ride Zipp Wheels and Zipps are expensive. Seriously, a set of Zipps will run more than $2K. That’s a lot of money and you start to wonder what you’ll get in return in the form of time. If there was a chart that had the following:

Zipps $2000 60 Minutes
Hed $1300 45 Minutes
Cheap $200 00 Minutes

My First Triathlon

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In the late 90's, I was working for a dot com. Due to the long commute and longer hours, my exercise became non-existent. I purchased a treadmill and started waking up at 5am in order to fit in a 3 mile run. This routine went on Monday through Friday for about 6 months until I killed the treadmill. I decided to join a local gym near the office. The idea was that I'd get up early, beat traffic, run outside and use the gym to shower and dress. This was the perfect plan. In fact, I managed to get to work early and get a head start on everyone else.
One day I came into work and a fellow co-worker started asking about my workout routine. I think at the time I was up to about 5 miles on the longer run. He started talking about a "tin man". I asked what that was and he said it was like Ironman but smaller. Not really knowing anything about triathlon I asked all of the questions everyone asks. Which event comes first? How far? You really think I can do this? And before I knew what I was saying, I agreed to it. Then I realized, I hadn't been swimming since I was a kid!

What is the Log?

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Essentially, the Log is my Excel spreadsheets gone wild. For years I had tracked my data in Excel but in 2007, I had reached my limit or its limit... I'm not really sure.

I had decided that a web application would be a better solution and it's been out of control ever since.

The basic functionality of the Log is simple, you enter your event, time and distance and it will calculate everything else. There have been a few features added since its creation 7 months ago. You now have the ability to track cadence, heart rate, power, and perceived exertion.

This is definitely a work in progress and is currently being re-written.

The Log is free and will always remain free.

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