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We've Moved

Long story short, I've moved my blog:


2016 Tahoe Rim Trail 100

I think my blog has been on the fritz.  Or maybe I'm just making a really lame excuse for not blogging.  I don't know -- seems like I've had things to say but haven't made the time to say them.  



2015 Javelina Jundred

It seems I have this pattern which goes something like this --

1. Beginner's luck at my first go at a new distance.
2. Bigtime failure in my second.
3. Redemption.
4. A long string of successful races.


2015 Tahoe Rim Trail 100

I wanted to get into Western States but as everyone knows, making it through the lottery is nearly impossible with only one ticket.  I had a 4% chance and although I remained optimistic, I had a backup plan already in place -- the Tahoe Rim Trail 100.  That's probably not the best way to pick a hundred and in fact, some sound advice from someone I've forgotten -- when you're choosing a hundred, you better love what you choose. 

I didn't love it but after doing the training runs, I was amazed by the beauty and scared by the level of difficulty.  I can't say I ever made it to LOVE but by the start of the race, I was definitely in deep LIKE.  The video of the belt buckle really got me hooked on the idea so by the time I hit the starting line, I wanted to be there.


Adventures for the Adventurer

With the Rim to Rim to Rim trip still on my mind, I'm reprocessing and parsing the conversations we had along our journey.  I'm not sure if this was said during our trip or if it was said in the wake of our trip but John had made a comment about "Adventures for the Adventurer".  That line has been stuck in my head ever since he said it because it feels like my mantra.


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